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Friday Night In

Kendibone Sapepa

I believe inspiration comes in all forms, shapes and sizes; be it a poem, a flower, food, a song, I believe it triggers something in your mind which then inspires you to do, build, make or develop something else.

When I saw this fabric, I went crazy for it! I had spotted it at one of my fabric stores I shop at regularly when I was getting fabric for a client. Without knowing what I'd make out of it, I bought it anyway and decided that I would decide later what I'd do with it. I loved it so much that I bought what was left of the roll!

On some Friday nights (not all) I like to stay in, play a movie in the back ground and play with my fabric to create something that I can wear days later. This past Friday, was one of those. Whilst playing Get Hard, I sat happily, working on my dress. I had decided to make the classic Barbara McKenzie dress, low back and boatneck, and here are results.

 Dress: Barbara McKenzie

Sandals: Madison 

Bracelets: MRP

A series of stolen pictures by Madoda

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