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Clothing Etiquette

Kendibone Sapepa

Clothing etiquette is defined as 'knowing what is appropriate to where for particular occasions' ,in other words, what you wear is defined by the entertainment. For example, you would not;

  • Wear bright colours to a funeral
  • Wear majority black or white to a wedding (unless specified)
  • A hot/bright pink to court.
  • A clubbing dress to a funeral (one I see far too often)
No matter how great you look, when looked at in isolation, wearing something for the wrong occasion can totally take away your elegance and style.

But fear not, with styling you can dress items up or down, to fit the entertainment or occasion. I love jeans, I wear them almost everyday, so naturally this means I must work around them as I do my various activities in a day. Let's take a Saturday for example, where I run most of errands, see clients and then have some fun in the evening. On such a day I'd wear jeans, let's use Boyfriend jeans in this scenario.

To run errands in comfort and move around easily, not to mention the driving that you do, you need something easy to wear and perhaps add some items for style. Our boyfriend jeans in this case could be styled with a loose T-Shirt, hat or cap, some sneakers and perhaps a scarf and sunglasses. Sneakers give the look a relaxed feel not to mention how practical and comfortable they are for running around. Here's our look below:

The same jeans could easily be taken from my morning errands to an afternoon meeting with a client by adding some sandals and letting my braids fall off my shoulders and throwing in a blazer to fit the formal feeling of the meeting, and here's our look below:

And just as easily the same jeans can be taken from day to night, with glam heels, a smart top some bold bracelets and hair tied up into a bun, and our look is below:


With that said, none of this is set in stone. You could easily run errands in any of the looks above, but would probably not rock the morning look on a night out, unless it's a pub where you don't need to be dressed up.

You can style your outfits as you wish, play around with clothes, as long as you fit the occasion and feel great in what you're in. With that said, stay stylish and rock on.

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