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Bioplus & Take-aways

Kendibone Sapepa

So this is my first blog post....  So let me start of with a few words to describe my past weekend; Bioplus, sewing, take-aways and short naps. 

So after my last minute changes for a client late Friday night, I still had tons of work waiting for me, all for The House of Hohwa's launch, which Barbara McKenzie will be showcasing at as well (eeeek, excitement, on level 10 000). I did manage to get through quite a bit, with the help of Bioplus and two 45 minute naps, all in time for our practise session in Newtown, which is where I got to meet Sakiwo, the brain behind the brand, Kamili. He turns out to be the nephew of a designer, Pinkie Luswazi, who I got to work with back in my high-school days for a week (our school made us go experience the work place of our dream careers for a week - Crazy, I already knew back then that I wanted to be in the fashion industry). Talk about a remarkable coincidence?! All the way from eMthatha, and we meet here, in the city of Gold!? Anyway, Barbara McKenzie will be styled with Kamili jewellery and we can't wait for you to see it all!

The weekend was finished off with some garlic bread (absolute fave), cuddles with the BFG and Taken 3, although I passed out on the couch in the last 30 minutes :(

With my perfect song found, I'm ready for Saturday, after I finish the last changes to my garments, of course, and I hope to see you all!

Picture: Captured on the way home after a busy, tiring but productive weekend (No filter)

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