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Kendibone Sapepa

Where did the year go?! 

Several days ago, I found myself staring at my clothes and wondering what to wear the next day, and so I began to wonder... Had I really worn anything that I had made this year? I thought long and hard and came to a disappointing three incidents. How bizarre is that?

I mean, here I am, making garments, hoping you'll love them enough to buy them, then of course, praying that they make the shortlist of options of what you could possibly wear the next day, or to that dinner or that wedding, but I on the other hand, am not wearing any of my clothes. 

And so I decided, that even though I spent a lot of time in 2015, on making garments for women (and a handful of men) that I would go back to the heart of it all - why I started chasing this crazy dream of mine - making clothes that excited me, clothes that I couldn't wait to get into and the kind of clothes that would make me go up to the corner shop to buy an onion (just so my garment would be seen). So I got right into it and started sewing.

Two hours later, out came my garment that wasn't an order, for a promotion or anybody else, but for me. So with what's left of 2015, I plan to get lost in the many beautiful fabrics at the fabric store and exhaust my lovely sewing machine whilst enjoying the Eastern Cape calm and scenery.


Tunic - Barbara McKenzie | Pants - Edgars | Lipstick - Essence

(Picture: From Instagram)


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