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Kendibone Sapepa

So… As I had mentioned in my Nautical post, my plan for the holidays was to;

"get lost in the many beautiful fabrics at the fabric store and exhaust my lovely sewing machine whilst enjoying the Eastern Cape calm and scenery”.

That did not happen at all.
Like not even a little bit.

But, I am pleased to say that I chose to laze around and get some much needed rest. I vowed to not touch a single yarn of cotton, use a single pin or plug in my sewing machine, but only work plot and plan for 2016.

After much needed rest, I came back feeling super refreshed and ready to hit the fabric stores and get 2016 started. First up, was fabric shopping.

During my holiday I developed this sudden obsession with stripes, which I decided to marry with my wearing off monochrome high, from last year... And so I set out to find any and all black and white striped fabrics that caught my eye.
I found what I was looking for, tucked away, under some rolls of fabric, bought it and took it home. And as I was sewing, I decided this would be the first garment I make this year for myself and promised to wear it as often as I can – which was kept on and worn to a late lunch, right after, where I sat watching a Man U (I think) and Liverpool game.

With the help of Ofi (pronounced "O-Fee") we managed to pull off a lovely shoot and below are some of the results, enjoy!

Photography: OR Photography - More coming soon!



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