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Kendibone Sapepa

Random Sentence (to complete) 1: The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is… “Press the snooze button at least 5 times then go right back to sleep and when I eventually wake up, I hop into the shower.”

In between being an investment banker by day and a night owl, Thando also works on her newest venture, the Best You blog. I caught up with her recently to pick her brain about some random stuff I wanted to know. First up, was why she works out, she informed me was because she wants to feel good in her own skin. I mean who doesn’t want to put on a bikini and look good or feel great, or fit into that great pair of jeans? Working out has shown her results and that inspires her to push harder.

Random Sentence 2: I would never leave home without... “My cellphone, I have turned halfway to work back to my house to fetch my cellphone.”

Her blog is focused on fitness and beauty, so naturally, I wanted to know, as a busy woman how she manages to motivate herself to get away from the work and go work out and she preaches making it a habit. "I’ve made gym a habit. I know that I have to do it every day, so I do it! In my diary, I put it down; gym from 18:00 to 19:00, so my bosses know Thando is not available at this time”. So she usually leaves the office around 17:00 and makes her way to either cross fit or the Bryanston Fight Club for a good hour then heads back to work thereafter. As someone who loves her job, she prides herself in giving herself at least one hour to working out and working on herself.

Random Sentence 3: When in traffic, I… “Apply make-up because I’m always late in the morning, so traffic is the only time I have to whip my face into shape.”

So when Thando is not listening to Jay Z and Yeezus while working out, she is studying for an important exam, which has become her life at the moment and when she’s not buried under the books, she’s eating, “I love food so I’m always dining. I’m always looking for new great lunch or dinner spots and trying them out”. She also spends a lot of times observing different industries looking for gaps to fill (so we ought to keep an eye on her).

Random Sentence 4: The biggest “I must be dreaming” moment I’ve ever had was… “Last year I was in Abu Dhabi and I spoke to the CEO of the Iran Stock Exchange. He was telling me about the sanctions being lifted from Iran and how that would impact the economy and trade and the stock exchange. I was like I can’t believe he is talking to; little old me about something this big and this important to the world in general.”


Being a very active person means having a little more work out gear than the average person, so when I asked her what her recommendations are for buying such were and she says; “In 2013 I read a fascinating book titled Get Out Of Debt And Get Rich. The one piece of advice the author gave was; don’t spend large amounts of money on label names for workout clothes that you will be sweating in for an hour” – so naturally she shops at the lower end retailers, however when it comes to shoes, she invests. She advises that the type of shoe you wear when you work out will have an impact on your work out, and if your shoes are not well suited, this can result in aches and pains in your feet and joints. So every now and again, she does purchase a name brand pair of sneakers, and if the tops and work out pants are on sale, she may throw them in the basket as well – but strictly shies away from splurging on them. For those who are brand loyalists, she does recommend Woodmead, where most sports brands have factory stores and sell the gear at discounted prices.

Last Random Sentence 5: I would never be caught dead wearing… “Crocs, like I just don’t understand them.”

Thando, I think you’re an absolute joy (as I recall the first time I met her) and I’m glad that you were my first interview and I wish you all the best on that exam and a wonderful 2016. Follow Thando on Instagram and catch her fitness journey on her blog.



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