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Kendibone Sapepa

As many of you already know, the brand is entirely inspired by my late mother, Barbara. And as a woman who had a tremendous love for music, she exposed us to all types of music, ranging from rock to jazz and everything in between from her time. And of all those records (yes, vinyls) my favourite, to this day, remains Michael Franks' One Bad Habit album. It's a jazz album with just the right amount of upbeat songs and timeless sort-of-ballads. We would play it on hot Saturday afternoons or while doing things around the house. The album is made up of so many other amazing songs, but my favourite song would have to be Baseball... and maybe also; Loving You More and More (we sang this one so many times) and All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go.

"Listen you, 's been a week or two, and still you got me waiting... Anticipating"

Mental Note: Find all her records next time I go home!

Enjoy! I'll be playing these tonight :)

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