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MBFWJ 2016

Kendibone Sapepa

Sadly,  I was unable to attend fashion week, which I am so crushed about - but thanks to social media and specific Twitter and Instagram accounts, I was fortunate enough to get a live feed of the MBFWJ happenings - as if I was there myself!

The real-time factor of social media almost makes everything so accessible from anywhere in the world, at any given time. Upon doing some research, social media's effectivenes dates back as far as 2009 with one example that stands out to me the most, before I even had a Twitter account! US Airways flight 1549 landed in the Hudson River and the first recorded communication about the crash was from a tweet by Jim Hanrahan (below).

 And for a good 15 minutes, news about this plane were only available on Twitter, before any mainstream new stations could cover the story.

Back to Fashion Week, I got to see pictures of the shows on the AFI website and liked most of them. Of the ones that I saw, the ones I liked most are below. I'm sucker for a bright coloured frock as well as different and irregular shapes, so you'll see that below.

First up, my favourite out of the entire MBFWJ 2016 is; Tuelo Nguyuza Collectiv's bright yellow dress and flower detailing. It's a stunner of a garment!


The Intern by David Tlale's grey and orange dress was another winner for me. The play on colour and the shape are a great combination.


Then from David Tlale's range was this skirt worn with a lace number and stylish twist on the trending fringe. So chic!

Grapevine also played around a bit with colour and this was my favourite from their collection.

Another favourite would be Scalo's laced jumpsuit. Well made and it looks exquisite!

Below are some of the looks that stood out as well, mainly because Barbara McKenzie will soon be releasing its Autumn / Winter 2016 garments, and we too have a collarless, oversized coat like Akedo (left) and a green poncho/wrap similar to AFI Fastrack's Velly S Maswanganye (right). We can't wait to release them!

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