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Versatile Clothing

Kendibone Sapepa

I am one person who, by all means tries to get all the value that I can out of everything that I buy and I often ask myself, does this price justify how often I can reuse this product. For example, buying a leather strap watch vs a cheaper faux-leather one, although it may initially be a tad expensive, leather generally lasts longer and even looks better as it ages, considering it will be worn daily.

Value is important to me and this has resulted in it being a strong driver in my business, thus influencing the creation of my garments. I try to create versatile garments that my customers and I can wear on multiple occasions thus getting value for money. This is why most of my garments can be worn to work, on a chilled day, running errands or a night out.

I enjoy dressing up and playing around with different styles and below are some examples of how I wear my Sibulele skirt and Nikiwe dress (SOLD OUT). Both can be worn to work by being styled in a formal way, while they can also worn in a more relaxed setting, with casual and relaxed styling or on a night out.

Whether you're an accountant or ad exec, Barbara McKenzie aims to create clothing that you can wear both during the week and on weekends.

Here are a few looks created with both my Sibulele skirt and Nikiwe dress.






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