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We're launching our Passion to Profits Online Course!

Kendibone Sapepa

I am so excited to be launching this course!

After engaging with a number of ladies through the Sewing Academy, I realised that although some ladies were there to learn how to make clothes for themselves, a greater portion of the group had plans to open up their own businesses! Naturally, I would advise them when they asked questions, but after a while, I realised that they were not getting the entire picture and it could not be explained over a 5min conversation - so I am now in the process of shooting a Udemy course on how to start your own clothing brand!

  1. Some may ask 'why not focus on building your own business first', this is my business - Barbara McKenzie is ALL about the progressive woman, and part of that means sharing knowledge with those who want it and can empower themselves with it.
  2. My business is still growing and those who know of larger, more established South African clothing brands, eg: Style Alert SA (love, love her clothing) might look at my brand and think 'why listen to her, she's still such a small brand?' The answer is I am also still growing my business, but this course will help you navigate STARTING your business and learning the tricks of the trade. 

My older post on getting your business started, was just a glimpse into one aspect of starting a business, and so this course will take you through the different stages of setting up your business. In hindsight I can see that wanting to empower women when it comes to business has always been something I wanted to do (the post was published in March 2018!).

We're in the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic and stats show that e-commerce is BOOMING! So if you ever wanted to start your own business, now is a better time than any! As mentioned, the Udemy course is still being shot (video content but I will put up notes), but you will be able to purchase the notes as well, if you do not wish to watch the videos. The course's notes will be available here

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