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“Comfortable, great quality clothing. The packaging is thoughtful and one gets the sense that special attention has bee paid to your order.” - Mapule

“I loved the quality of the item bought, the packaging was amazing! I definitely am coming back for more :)” - Yoli

"Barbara McKenzie is by far one of my favourite local fashion houses. They make incredibly comfortable, yet stylish clothes that fit easily into my lifestyle. Most of the pieces are versatile. I can wear a piece to a board presentation one week and to a night out with my friends the next. The clothes are also reasonably priced and I am always blown away by how they make me feel like I'm the only client they have with the quality of service and attention I receive whenever I place an order. I LOVE their clothes." - Liziwe

"Barbara McKenzie is perfect and even offers surprise gifts :)" - Letu

"I was truly pleased with my service and interaction with the brand" - Anonymous