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Passion to Profits - Entire Course (Modules 1-7)

Passion to Profits - Entire Course (Modules 1-7)

R 500.00 R 700.00

The entire course is available at a discounted rate!

  • Module 1: Business Model
    • Discussing stock and how your business will run - as well as the advantages and disadvantages of both
  • Module 2: Business Registration
    • CIPC registration simplified
  • Module 3: Selling
    • Discussion both online and offline advantages and disadvantages 
  • Module 4: Pricing & Finance
    • Pricing your products correctly with some guidance
  • Module 5: Business Operations
    • This module goes into the various aspects that need to be set up before you start running eg: branding, packaging, sizing, shipping etc 
  • Module 6: Branding
    • A closer look into branding how to brand your business 
  • Module 7: Let's get started!
    • Essential Tips and tricks-of-the-trade when it comes to building your online presence

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