Unorthodox's Women Youthpreneur's Breakfast

After several failed attempts, I finally found myself at Unorthodox's Women Entrepreneur's Breakfast (7 May 2016) hosted by Sibabalwe Sesmani, known as Siba.

The breakfast was presented in an open conversation set-up, which allowed us as guests to join in the conversation, share opinions, ask questions and such, without having to wait until the end, which is a great approach for people like me, who forget things instantly, if they are not written down.

One of the topics covered was about 'what you would do if you were fired?' - as crazy as it sounds, I've always believed that such an event would be a blessing in the long run. I've always seen it as a blessing in disguise, more so for people who have day jobs and after hours run their business, their passion projects and/or building their dreams. I see it as a push in the right direction, giving you a chance to completely and utterly bury yourself in your passion and grow that dream all day, every day.

I recently watched a series of videos of Bonang Matheba speaking at a Nedbank #TalksForSuccess campaign, and one of the things she said, that has stuck with me is; "You need to find something about yourself that you can bottle and sell, that will make you stand out from the crowd... You need to find something that you love and then find somebody to pay you to do it". As this covers two of the circles (what you love doing & what pays well) in the Venn Diagram, the other two circles, which are equally important are below.

What is, I believe the most important part of all of this, purpose, or as Siba named it; your "Why". This is basically the driving force of what you're doing, the thing that will keep you going through all the ups and downs and hardships of entrepreneurship. 

After such a great session of conversation, the breakfast was done, but through all the participation one could have easily identified who they wanted to talk further with, after the session. This breakfast, for me, was not only a great eye-opener on various topics, but was also a great platform to hear how other women were facing the challenges of entrepreneurship, hearing their stories, networking with like minded women and great breakfast treats.

Thank you Siba and Open for hosting us, I look forward to the next one!

PS: Gorgeous Siba loved our blanket wrap so much, we left her with one!