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Sewing Academy

We officially start our Barbara McKenzie Sewing Academy classes in October 2018!

Classes will be held in River Club (Rivonia) on Saturday mornings, we will start with a Beginners Course to Sewing for the remainder of 2018. The course will entail:

Kindly note that payments for classes must be made prior to arriving to class. Each class is R350.00. There will be two classes (exact same content) in order to accommodate more of you, one starting at 08:00 and the second at 11:00, every Saturday morning. 

Notes will be provided. We will require you to bring your own sewing machines. If you do not have one, please contact us and we can direct you to stores that have brand news ones and second hand ones. 

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1 6 Oct 2018

Sewing 101 - How does a sewing machine work?

(Learning the various parts of a machine and when and how to use them.) 

2 13 Oct 2018

Stitching Practice

(A "follow the line" stitching exercise to get used to sewing.)

3 20 Oct 2018

Inserting Zips  

(Learning how to insert different types of zips.)

4 27 Oct 2018

Types of Fabric 

(Which fabrics to use when and for what, as well as benefits and disadvantages of using them.)

5 3 Nov 2018

Taking Measurements & Adapting Commercial Patterns 

(How to use standardized patterns to create your own customized patterns.) 

6 10 Nov 2018

First Garment Construction Lesson: Apron and Tote Bag

(Putting all we've learnt into practise with our first two garments.)

7 17 Nov 2018

Skirt Lesson

(Learning how to make a basic skirt and some variations of a basic skirt.)

8 24 Nov 2018

Dress Lesson

(Learning how to make a basic dress and some variations of a basic dress.)

9 1 Dec 2018

Blouse Lesson

(Learning how to make a basic blouse and some variations of a basic blouse.)

10 8 Dec 2018

Pants Lesson

(Learning how to make a basic pair of pants and some variations of pants.)